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    Dose anyone BF while pregnant, need help urgently

    Hi Eileen, I breastfed my son during my pregnancy with my daughter. He was 12 months when i became pregnant. As your daughter is only 9 months and probably still demands a lot of breastfeeding from you (if you are still total breastfeeding that is) you may want to monitor your pregnancy more...
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    bringing express milk out

    Hi Isabelandrew, I was wondering why dont you just nurse baby direct when visiting the PD? Practice in front of the mirror at home with a sling or nursing top for a start or find a nursing room for privacy. But in any case if you are uncomfortable with nursing in public and really prefer to...
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    manual or electric breast pumps

    Personally i was determined to breastfeed long term and found the electric pump a worthy investment in the long run despite the price.
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    Where to get medela spare parts?

    If i remembered correctly, there should be mums & babes in Plaza Singapura too
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    which breast pump is better, medela or ameda?

    I like Medela PIS which i used for a good 4.5 years and it's now passed on to my friend's wife who is still using it for the 6th year. :) The Medela mini electric had good comments too though it's a little loud. Ameda Lactacline is a good choice too. :)
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    discoloured armpits

    oh yeah... i rem how dark my armpits were! they gradually fade after giving birth
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    Breastfeeding Helpline

    It's really sweet for you mummies to encourage us this way! This is how you keep us motivated.... :) Thanks
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    Breastfeeding during pregnancy?

    Hi Charbabe, How many mths are you pregnant now and how much is your 10 mth old drinking from you? Finally how comfortable are you with bfg during pregnancy? I did a review on the book on the book "The Adventures of Tandem Nursing" by Hilary Flower in 2005 which was republished again...
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    BMSG Annual General Meeting 2008

    Hi alanine, Yes, you are definitely eligible to be a life member. You may download the application form from this url. Breastfeeding Mothers' Support Group (Singapore) - Membership Registration Don't worry about your baby fussing. Our meetings are usually informal. Children and babies are a...
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    BMSG Annual General Meeting 2008

    Do join us if you could drop by! :) Non-members welcome with their families but do RSVP BMSG office if you intend to come. 18th Annual General Meeting Date : 29 March 2008 (Sat) Time : 1 pm - 3 pmVenue : 96 Waterloo St, SCWO Centre, Georgette Chen Auditorium, S(187967) Agenda 1. Personal...
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    Happy Birthday elaiine_janson

    Happie Happie Birthday Elaiine_janson :) :Dancing_wub::Dancing_wub::Dancing_wub:
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    do u ML to DH often

    Due to work committments, we ML at least once a week, otherwise between 2 - 5 times a week. Either of us will initiate but both of us thinks i have higher SD. :P Hubby believes in having a date night each week that we will just spend time together, not necessary ML and we think it does help...
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    How often do you hug/kiss

    Daily for me & hubby too. :)
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    Art lesson

    Hi Mummies, My son has a flair for drawing and would to send him for some practical lessons. I called NAFA and they said they are full and can't even place me on waiting list. :( Do anyone of you have any other good art classes/schools to recommend?