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  • Hi cancanmum, I m new to this website. May I know when will my post for baby items "hello kitty milk bottles" be approved? Thanks
    Hello Can Can mum, I have posted "Baby Items (Yaolan /Bumbo / Playnest/ Playgym/ Bath netting)" on the baby items section, can help to approve the thread? Appreciate for your help =)
    Hi, this is the third time I try to upload a thread but unsuccessful

    "Brand new 3 in 1 Sandwich maker"

    Can you help to check what's the problem it fails to publish.
    Hi Can Can mum , i put a few Sell post on pet pet L-size since last week . But none appears. Can u look into it. Thanks again .
    Hi CanCanMum,

    I have post a new thread "3 packets of New Born Huggies Diapers" under "want to sell forum" under "Baby Items", can you approve it ?

    Blur Mommy
    Hi CanCanMum,

    I have posted a new thread in Want to sell: Brand New Diapers. Pls approve, of anything unsatisfactory, pls do inform me:)

    Thanks in advance!
    for all who experienced "lost" thread, pls send an email to me a copy of your thread (if still available) so that we can trace back if its still not posted, by email:

    thanks all for your patience.
    Hi, it has been three days. I have posted at the wanted to sell post but there seems to be no response from the moderator. May I know whether is my post has been approved or not approved?
    HI ccm, I had posted two posts for sale of books.
    Please let me know if it is approved or not approved by emailing me at
    Hi, ccm. I have posted two posts and if you have not approved it, please remove it. Could u pls let me know once you have deleted it?Thank you.
    hellos all i have approved those in the queue, some of the other posts have been approved by Admin/other mods earlier today oredi. Apologies for the delay~~
    Hello Dear CanCanMum
    Im trying to post a thread to want to sell others forum for the last 3 days but nothing seems to be happening.i cant see my post on the wall.
    there is note pops up saying moderator needs to approve ur i doing it wrong or do u not approve my post.would u please help me regarding this matter.
    thank u in advance.
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