Any bad experience with confinement ladies?


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Hi Mummies...

Sharing review of my confinement lady - LI HUA
Hygiene level - C
(at best)Singapore HP: 82439296
Malaysia HP: 0127070671

I had a bad experience and hated confinement, largely due to this middle age woman in the house. I will not get any CL in the future.

What she did (may be trivial if you don't mind):
-- Washes my clothes and PANTIES, HER clothes and PANTIES together with baby's clothes! (I specifically told her not to mix baby's clothes.)
-- Color from her clothes ran and stained baby's clothes red. All his new rompers are stained red! Proceed to hide stained clothes in the cupboard and say "Baby grows so fast, he outgrew the tiny rompers already." I only found out after she left. Grrr...
-- Took baby's bib and used as her face towel. When I asked her why is the bib in the toilet, she said "Dunno leh. Let baby use lor."
-- Baby threw up all over his cot. I asked her what happened, she said "Dunno leh. Dunno why like that."
-- Bully my helper - asked my helper to wake up in the middle of the night to help her. And then accused my helper of telling lies because she "had 30 years of experience" and never asked for any help.
-- Bully my helper - made her do all the kitchen cleaning after she made a mess of the kitchen. I had mistaken my kitchen for a Tze Char stall in that one month.
-- Extremely wasteful - uses water and electricity at full blast. She always claims her soup is very nice - of course la, if you put in 1kg of meat and half a pot of ingredients and boil forever. Who needs a confinement lady?
-- She also "volunteered" to shave my baby's head for the full month and "only takes an ang pow" for this job.

Oh yes, she reminded me 1000 times to give her ang pow when she arrives and leaves.


@ Icegal80 : For my case, no need. We paid her based on her salary divided by 28 days, mutiply by the number of days she's with us.
My CL is $2.6K for 28days.
She is with us for 12 days. So we 2600 divided by 28 then x 12.


Name : Mdm sim / ah ying ( my mil calls her ah ying )
Age : 60++
She have punk hair. Top of her head have hair, the side all botak.
Her son is the one who liase with us.

[h=5]She made my confinement period very sucky.
She has been with us for 12 days. I just sent her packing off today.
Totally could not tolerate anymore.

1) I was sleeping with air con (Heaty weather) in the morning 8am, she bathe my girl and came in my room to change her. Leaving her naked, trying to wear pampers on her. My girl sneezed a couple times, woke me up and I saw her naked, with hair wet. I asked CL to at least cover her body with towel before changing, she replied me, "Never mind one". it's not her girl, of cause she say nvm.

2) She burp my girl without holding on her chin. Her head totally have no support, nothing. Like humpty dumpty. I happened to look at her feeding my girl 1 time, and saw how she burp her. I told CL to at least hold her head, she's just 2 weeks old baby! How she have the strength to hold her own head?? I see her head drop to the back already.

3) Too lazy. Simply don't boil plain water. She replaced the flask with TAP WATER! I didn't know because I was drinking red dates drink all along. It's only my MIL told me, then I realized. I have been supplying EBM, but also to top up FM because not enough. Then I know she FED my girl with milk made from tap water! How can she feed a newborn, tap water milk???

4) She always love to on the stove fire very small, to slow cook my drink. But she never close the window. Once I went to the kitchen, I saw the fire is gone, but stove still on. She's happily showering in the toilet. If I never off the stove, I seriously don't know what will happen.

5) She never listens to me!!! Everytime I ask her don't overfeed my girl. She don't listen. At times I pump like 120ML in a bottle. My girl only takes 80ML now. She always want to feed all so my girl won't cry in the night for milk! I told CL not to feed all. But the moment I see, the milk bottle is empty.

6) Her leg have those rashes or something. To the extend it becomes watery type. I am afraid she touch her leg then touch my girl.

7) She is very rough on my girl. On everything. Change clothes , feeding, changing pampers.

8) There's once I changed my girl's pamper myself. I realized there's a small piece of shit at the corner of her leg. The pampers I change for her, she only urine inside, no shit. So obviously, the CL didn't clean properly during the last pamper change. My girl can easily get UTI.

9) When my girl cry, she always assumed she's hungry. Once, she feed my girl. I turned to see, I saw my CL squeezing my girl's cheeks to make her OPEN HER MOUTH to drink the milk. WTF.

10) Her confinement food sucks. Everything always overcooked!

11) Always seems rushing so she can rest. When my girl stops drinking , she will push force the teat , deeper into her mouth. I caught her once and scolded her. How fast can a 2 weeks old baby drink??

12) Once, my girl is crying. The CL put her finger on top of my girl's mouth. See she will suck or not , to see if she's hungry. Then next moment, i see her using the same finger to rub her nose. Super unhygienic !

So many more to complain.
Better not hire her to prevent depression !
I don't have her number. But it's her son who liase with her. Her son's name is Alan.


Ang Confinement

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Good day to all mothers and mothers-to-be,

I'm advertising here on behalf of my 3 aunties, who are all working as confinement ladies. Below are a little more information about them:

- They are from Malaysia and have 15-20 years of confinement lady experience
- Chinese/Teochew speaking only
- Can cook awesome Chinese dishes
- Looking for full-time confinement jobs ranging from 1-2 months depending on your requirements

If you're interested, you can contact:

- Irene 96249728
- Adrian 91117357
- Mei Mei 0207 6969406



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Hi mummies.
I got this CL last year my name Kaili from M'sia and has a scare on her face. She keep changing her contact no. and her last known no. were 0167119826/ 0167897940.

During my confinement period, she was reading our comics books most of the time and eat up all our biscuits and tibits. Her cooking only average and not so confinement meal. She does no housework except mop floor. I breastfeed my baby during the day and as she need to feed baby during the night, our baby sleep with her. For few nights, I saw her let baby drink cold milk and she also on the fan direct at baby whole night. When told her not to do so, she locked her room next days onward. I also suspect she drop my baby on floor few times... ...

But I was scare at that time if I send her away who will help take care of our baby? Its our 1st baby. But later really regret keeping her for full term.

Don't engage this CL and be so stupid like me. Now I need to put extra effort on my baby to build up his health... ...


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Pls beware of fake recommendation i saw and ended up hiring a lousy CL named Ying Jie (+60197541829, 90543385), a fat lady with curly hair, crossed eyes. Pls beware! I terminated this CL after seeing her snoring and not waking up in middle of night when baby cries during her first night at work!
When ask her to clean baby stuffs when she is free, she replied 'tomorrow'!
She doesn't wipe baby dry completely after shower. I see baby's hair wet and she didn't bother dry corner of legs etc. She can chitchat on phone while baby is sleeping besides her, so inconsiderate! Ended up baby can't sleep and cry! She takes alot naps too! Do not hire her!
I'm having experience so bad, makes me feel pain and hurt aches, it's really hard to handle people coming from another place. That's why next time when you need, it must be professional, coming from the known and origin agency.

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When i can read your post, it can also irritate, but so far i never been experiencing those any bad experience, hopefully i don't get a bad confinement lady when i'm doing my confinement later.
Would like to share my bad experience with this Msia CL who claimed to be very experienced..

Her name is Ah San (Lim Pei Shan) and even have FB account. Age 42.

Basically she's lazy. Braggart and horrible. Here is my nightmare..

First few days appear to be fine but demanded us to change our wok, buy slow cooker and various household items for her convenience.
The food she cooks quite salty..loves to add dark soy sauce according to her taste.
when I asked her whether I can eat food with dark soy sauce since I'm c sect, she replied, only ur hubby will see your wound so need to heal nicely for what,,?.
Since I'm bf, told her to reduce ginger and alcohol but she's not happy
insisted I eat the TCM pills she bought to reduce wind but I checked with EYS it's not bf safe!
Lazy to go grocery shopping even though the market is 1 bus stop away.. When I asked her why no veg for dinner she just simply reply no more veg, ask ur husband to buy on his way home..
Boiled herbal bath at her convenience and gave me cold pail of the water to bath, asked me to add hot water on my own!
Watch TV all day long and use her phone entire day even when feeding baby..
No patience in feeding baby, when baby stopped drinking, she stopped feeding and talked on phone.
Despite me telling her to feed ebm at night, she gave baby fm and insisted my baby sleeps better with fm at night!
Doesn't burp the baby well so baby couldn't sleep well and she put the baby in rocker to sleep at night so she can sleep better herself!
caught her lazy act, put milk bottle on a pillow and fed baby in rocker while she continue sleeping!
Asked time off to collect deposit from other mothers and to go shopping!
did not help clean the toilets and the floor!
despite asking her to hang dry the clothes, she still use the dryer everyday!
And the most ridiculous thing she did was to let my baby hear Buddhist song when he's crying! She tells me baby kept crying at certain time at night..might have "dirty things" possess.. Doesn't she know what is colic is she's so experience as she said?


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Dear mummies, I am still in my confinement now and the above confinement nanny is so irresponsible.

I had given birth at 35th week, which is around 4 weeks ahead of my EDD, where my original confinement lady was not able to make it as is too last minute and ahead of her schedule. This is total understandable and she intro and confirm for me CL Jin Feng.

Prior she came over SG and my hubby had request a list of items what we need to prepare so to minimize the number of hiccups. We had bought most of items like usual stuffs like wine and lotsa of ginger etc..

The moment she came over, say all the stuffs are not up to her standard and for example she need is 文冬姜 (bentong ginger) and i heard that is not easy to find in SG; most of the ginger in market my hubby visited came from Indonesia. She start her criticize saying very not pleasing words, like like that if I not able to 'release' those gas is not her fault and we are at fault as not able to provide those equipment. This is only of the 1 'interesting' story.

I was thinking that as long she can help us and our baby during this 28 days, we can endure and try our best to fulfill her request. But today (9 Aug 14) which is only 19th days of my confinement, she just came over to me saying that she not feeling well and she need to go back. Without allowing me to response she went back to her room and packed her bag, this really caught us unprepared. We even offer her to bring her to doctor and ask her to rest and etc. But she insisted where we no choice and my hubby rush out to withdraw $$$ to pay for her services.

The most angry part, the moment she got the $$$ and ang bao, her 'acting' gone and it seem she is cured. This is total so irresponsible and at the very last minute the entire family was rushing like mad and at some point we totally clueless.

Hope this lesson learnt by us, can serve as a warning to all.

Her details as follows:

MY Mobile: +60 17 360 8432 SG Mobile: 91561543



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I would like to share my awful experience with a CL I had engaged. Her name is CHUN LAN (90381368) and she is a malaysian. If you have engaged her and would like to know my review, pm me.

She had a very bad cough when arrived and we were so worried she might spread to my baby, we had to get her mask and pay for her medical fee! (Dear mummies, my advice is dont’t accept the CL if she fell sick on the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] day of work cos you know she will not recover without a good rest and you have to take her to the doc. In the end is not the CL taking care of the baby but yourself cos you won’t want the deadly virus to pass on to your baby)

- She is extremely MONEY-MINDED cos On the 2nd day of her arrival, she is so determined to "push" her MLM Products (ELKEN) to me (i have engaged a "sales lady" into my house). Promoting endlessly the slimming costume that cost more than her salary (she is charging $2.5k sgd fyi), promoting collagen, supplements etc....i am freaking pissed off with her behavior. She will persuade you endlessly to spend your salary during maternity on those useless MLM products! SHE HAS THICK CROCODILE SKIN. Many times I have to brush her off. i feel like giving her a bloody tight slap!! Cant she understand that mothers after giving birth need a proper good rest??

- Her style of cooking bored me after the 1st week of confinement - every day r repeated dishes. Fish/ chicken/ pork is always the same style & sauce, gave her different vegetables yet still can cook the same style.

- She doesn't bath my baby properly - many times when i check out my baby, i noticed there is ear's shit. But i kept quiet believing she might missed out and so i check on baby out the next day still finding the ear's shit there!. i also noticed that when my baby puke milk onto her clothing, she paid no attention to change her into new clothing, i have to tell her to do it. And because of her NEGLIGENCE to clean up my baby's mouth every feed/ spit milk, her cheek area developed milk rashes and we have to bring baby to see a pediatrician.

- She has insufficient knowledge on what a confinement mummy can eat or can't.

- Giving out her bloody name cards- On the day of my baby's shower, we invited our friends and relatives, she went around giving out name cards...i was like...WTH!!! when she see one of my husband's friend who is pregnant, she got so excited and wanted us to intro her to let her do confinement. When my friend visited me, she will give out name cards too.

-She asked to be paid till the 28th day of the confinement however she bloody hell went off at 10.00am!!! (yes you see 10AM in the early morning!) This really pissed me off completely.

- She is very aggressive in telling me and also TEACHING ME how to write good comments about her in the forum AND im so turned off by her fr then. In another day or 2, she came pestering me again to write for her...on & on endlessly…

-Because of some issues we had to extend this bitch to help out, so she requested us to apply the extension and so we did for her (we even pay for the application). During the approval duration, everyday she is so naggy and pestering chasing me for the application status and hardcopy of permit BECAUSE she is afraid she will have to pay for the fine at checkpoint is without the proper document. Frankly, I regret extending her.


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Not recommended: Hao Jie

Nationality: Malaysian (from JB)
Age: 56

I had bad experience with this confinement nanny so please beware. Plus my baby boy is a special needs baby (cerebral palsy from brain damage) and she didn't take good care of him. I initially contacted Auntie Lian, a confinement nanny who seems very popular in the motherhood forums ... she in turn recommended hao jie, saying she's capable & all. Later I found out that Auntie Lian took commission from hao jie for recommending her ($200 out of the $1900 we paid hao jie).

What happened:
1. Found hao jie to be 'chor loh' / rough with my baby. My baby, coz of his brain damage & cerebral palsy, suffers from hyper tone (excessively stiff muscles). Yet she would anyhow bend his limbs forcibly so that she could bathe, clothe him etc. Our physio therapish, after observing her, cautioned me against her.

2. TV addict ... she was glued to the TV day & night, even when feeding baby, her eyes would be on the TV, not my boy.

3. She constantly passed insensitive, yaya comments at me to show off her 'capabalities' while undermining my confidence as new, 1st-time mummy. Eg: that my baby always cries when I carry him whereas he doesn't when she carries him ... that I dont't know how to do this & that in terms of babycare ... duh, if I know, I wouldn't be a 1st-time mummy or would want to hire her.

4. Snide gossip ... I later found out she was gossiping about me to my mother-in-law behind my back while doing the same to my mother in law to me behind her back. What on earth does she get out of sowing discord? At the same time, she curried favour with mother in law until in laws wanted to hire her long-term to look after baby when I return to work.

5. Very thick-skinned esp in asking for things. On her 1st day, before she even started work, she checked out things in my baby's room and asked for unused milk bottles for her grandkids. She constantly went thru' things in the house and asked us for things that we no longer use.

6. Unreliable - at times I found her talking away on her handphone while leaving my baby to cry & fuss on his bed.

In the end, we fired her and I took extended leave to become stay at home mum with help & support of my mum.
Hi Epicurean, wanna check with you which Hao jie are you talking about. Is she the one recommended by Huang Tai? I got linked up with this Hao jie too, her number is 91344603. Are you talking about the same person?
hello, everyone, I'm Esther Ong from Woodlands.

Urgently - need part / full time domestic helper / maid in Woodlands.
- Take care / house cleaning, laundry (baby clothes & my clothes, including & plus too if require)

If anybody interested - PM or email me
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