Good TCM Doctor ???

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by T Jessica, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. T Jessica

    T Jessica New Member

    Anyone know any good TCM doctor ?
  2. deborahlkl

    deborahlkl Member

    Dr. Beh at 5th floor.. he is very gentle and he is the president of ob. & gyne. of sg...
  3. T Jessica

    T Jessica New Member

    Hi Deborah,

    Is Dr Beh a "chinese sinseh" ???
    Do u hv the full address??? Can u advise me?
  4. rainy5

    rainy5 Member

    Hi, i believe she was referring to Dr Beh at Thomson Medical Centre.

    I would recommend Physician Tan Kian Sing. He is also the Head of Fertility in 中华医院. He runs his own clinic at

    Blk 433 Clementi Avenue 3
    #01-266 (S) 120433
    Tel: 68723237
  5. deborahlkl

    deborahlkl Member

    yes he is chinese.. dr beh

    Beh's clinic for women pte ltd
    339 thomson rd #05-03
    TMC S307677

    tel 6352 99227

    mon-fri 9am-1pm, 2pm-530pm
    sat 9am-1pm
    sun & P.H closed

    after office hour or emergency 63335550

    appointed teaching faculty to
    kk women's & children hospital
  6. deborahlkl

    deborahlkl Member

    u can purchase the check up package from 5th mth onwards.. umm.. can remember, its abt $420, and it can claim from medisave.. doctor's fee for natural is ard 1600 and c section is ard 2k.. cant remember exactly.. u can call and ask elaine for detail and exact figures.. she is very friendly and helpful..
  7. coco^v^

    coco^v^ Member

    Hi Deborah, sorry for being a kpo but I think Jessica meant Chinese Physician, zhongyi ;)
  8. deborahlkl

    deborahlkl Member

    oh.. is it?! umm.. dr beh is not Chinese Physician... sorry if i got it wrong.. :)
  9. Jane Chow

    Jane Chow Member

    I used to see Dr Zhu from Hua Mei Acupuncture and TCM Center before I got pregnant...this clinic belongs to a charity organisation - Tsao Foundation...check out their address at TSAO Foundation Homepage ...Good Luck!!
  10. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member frd is seeing thise "zhong hua" too. But she has only see the gynae for 2mths, so cant comment much.

    I've got another TCM from my frd and she was referred by her many of her colleagues. But i've try yet. I'm still sticking to Raffles 1st. If really no news, i may switch to TCM.

    Ban Choon Chan
    blk 81 #01-636
    Marina Parade Central
    Tel :6344 6718
  11. VroomVroomBoys

    VroomVroomBoys Alpha Male

  12. PlayfulFairy

    PlayfulFairy Member

    Go to Dr Chen Qiu Mei from Thong Chai (Tong Ji) Medical Institution. I went to her last June and conceived my baby last September. It's located at Chin Swee Road, near Chinatown.
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  13. bubbleblue

    bubbleblue Member

    hi, i m seeing TCM dr chen siew lan in hougang teck chua medical hall and wonder if anyone of you has successfully conceived under her?
  14. Little Angels

    Little Angels New Member

    Another TCM is CHEN MEI ER (quite a famous Doc who appears frequently on papers) - Tel: 6256 8774. Her clinic is at Pek Kio (Owen Road).
    Even with appointment, i have wait about 3-4 hours.

    I have seen many TCM before i see her.
    So far, after taking 2 complete set of her prescription, i got pregnant.

    Can consider trying...
  15. marlysha

    marlysha Member

    hi there,

    can i know is her prescription is in form of pill or herbs..just abt her consultation..expensive????
  16. duhduh

    duhduh Member

    Anyone go any TCM near Jurong or Clementi? Heard there's one at Clementi?
  17. lawla12

    lawla12 Well-Known Member

    my bubby is currently seeing the "zhong hua" TCm @ jurong east leh....

    but, i duno if its good...accordingly to her, cos she juz started seeing for 2mths+ n TCM will take a longer she din comment much on the results.....but she did mention, on the whole, the doc is friendly n approachable......
  18. bubbleblue

    bubbleblue Member

    Hi Little Angel, i was thinking of changing TCM also. Can you share if Dr Chen prescribe herbs or pills? I m anxious to know ah.
  19. Dragon76

    Dragon76 New Member

    I've been to TCM @ JE. Just across the road of Singpore Technology which is beside IMM.

    Many of my frens and colleague went there.

    Many conceive aft that but some don't due to prob with the body system.

    Think Mon - Wed not open.

    Open fr Thur - Sun.

    Need to go early ard 5-6am to get queue no.

  20. VroomVroomBoys

    VroomVroomBoys Alpha Male

    Yes, this is the same TCM sinseh I mentioned earlier in this thread:
    Ying Chuan (颖川) Chinese Medical Hall
    Blk 202 Jurong East St 21 #01-117
    Tel: 68975655

    PM me if you are interested in knowing more ... including the queueing system. :biggrin: :biggrin:

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