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Hi Edy,

May I know Why is there so many Chinese ads in all the forum thread which making the forum abit unfriendly compare to 8 yrs ago


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Hi, I’m a new member here, single Mother of 1 Son, P4. Just here to hoping to mingle with more mothers because I don’t get to do it as I’m always working. Also here to see see what’s the trend now. I’m working FT and looking to earn passive income as well. Any mummies same as me can PM me :)


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Hi! I am Shirley, the mother of one year old child. I’m still really new to motherhood as I didn’t plan for a child this early into the marriage - will love to hear and look out for suggestion and tips! I love playing games with my child and spending quality time with her although it’s difficult with my job.


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Hi, I'm Janny, 35. I'm a mom of 2-year old cute boy and a housewife. I'm still trying to figure out how this forum works because I'm new here. Well i do love my child and try to be involved into self-development so i make organic soaps myself like good-quality natural Soaps. I also cyckle and even do it with my baby, he enjoys it so much. I'm open for chatting, so do not hesitate to write to me:)

CJ Hong

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Hi, everyone! My name is CJ and I am a certified academic coach, with a focus on helping teenagers become highly effective learners, develop essential life skills, and find their inner drive to succeed in life. Thank you :)


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Hi everyone! My name is Haris and I am focusing to make learning programming fun and exciting and giving the best education experience for students