How much is your baby expenses monthly?

Discussion in 'Home Life, Relationships & Finance' started by Mandy Wong, May 27, 2011.

  1. Mandy Wong

    Mandy Wong Member

    Hi all,

    Please share how much money do you spend on your baby monthly? Eg, milk powder, insurance etc...
  2. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    For my 4yo boy (insurance, classes, maid, etc etc): $3k
    Now with #2 coming along, will expect it to increase to $3.5k before #2 attends preschool & most likely $5k once #2 attends preschool.
  3. Mandy Wong

    Mandy Wong Member

    wow!! That's really a lot!
  4. shiyi

    shiyi Member

    my 16mths old girl:

    230 for classes
    80 for milk powder
    70 for insurance
    26 for baby wipes, diapers
    100 extra allowance for maid.

    still got wat else huh
  5. rainbow123

    rainbow123 New Member

    Per month
    175 for play-group
    550 for nanny
    350 insurance
    200 milk power
    36 diapers
    30-50 on cereals.

    1.4K +-
  6. Mandy Wong

    Mandy Wong Member

    wow wow looks like baby monthly expenses must at least be 1k and above!!
  7. Spreema

    Spreema New Member

    Wondering if anyone can share how much expenses are needed to take care of a newborn for the following options?

    (1) Nanny
    (2) Infant Care
    (3) Maid
    (4) Parents

    I'm a MTB and expecting #1 so am looking at pros and cons vs expenses. TIA!
  8. Mandy Wong

    Mandy Wong Member

    Repeated post
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  9. keefu

    keefu Member

    I think make use is quite a bad thing to say... Even though there might be some conflicts here and there with mil, don't forget that no matter how, they shower the most unconditional love to our child even if they don't handle professionally like nanny or maids. At least they never had the intention to hurt their grandchild should they are unhappy with their dils.
  10. Mandy Wong

    Mandy Wong Member

    Repeated post
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  11. Carlisle

    Carlisle Member

    Wow! congrats on that! I bet you're so excited about it. I can't wait to have one. I hope soon. :D
  12. Gem2505

    Gem2505 Member

    my bb girl is 4 month now.

    milk powder: $40 per tin. 1 month around $120-$160
    diapers:$36 or lesser.
    insurance: $100
    infant care :$270 ( if use baby bonus card, i pay $135 cash then )
    misc : clothes, toys, etc etc, baby girl, alot things to buy, maybe $100?

    less than $500 on my case. =)
  13. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    Gem, your IFC very cheap. Can share which one is it?
  14. Gem2505

    Gem2505 Member

    mine is learning vision.
    hmm.. staff rate. thats why. ^_^
    i reg with them when i was 2months preg. super kiasu.
    i only managed to secure a space last month.
    gonna start on 1 sept. =)
  15. Mandy Wong

    Mandy Wong Member

    Got less than $500 meh?
  16. Gem2505

    Gem2505 Member

    hmm.. about that bah. my girl gonna start her infant care in sept.
    now she drinking step 1, so milk powder a lil more ex. slowly the milk powder $ will go down coz step 2,3,4
    are so much cheaper.. $10 diff for 1 tin comparing to current one.

    i spent ard $500 like that only.

    if i really breakdown until v detailed...
    current milk powder usage is 11-12days- 1 tin. so 1 month ard 3 tins? i bot from an online mummy who does supplying for friso milk powder, she charging $37 per tin. so 1 mth usage is $111.
    diapers: 1 day about 6pcs, 1pkt diaper, 84pcs- $17.50, 1 pc cost $0.21. 1 mth usage $38.
    insurance standard de. $100
    infant care ( when starting in sept'11 ) : cash payment is $135 nett for 1 month.
    misc : difficult to guess. if bb sick, suddenly see nice nice dress all that. cant resist.

    so on confirmed spending, its around $384. misc really dunno how much le.
    vaccination etc.. all use baby bonus card.

    clothes wise, i bot quite alot b4 my delivery which can last till 9mths. + my girl is small size bb, car wear quite long on the clothes. alot of pass down from my friends n cousin. my niece is 9mths old, so the timing for pass down just nice. ha!
  17. Mandy Wong

    Mandy Wong Member

    thanks for the details. =)
  18. missymelody

    missymelody Member

    1-4months old
    Milk powder $46x5 tins a mth. $230
    Pampers $25x3 $75

    4-6 months add in cereal , fruits , biscuits maybe about $30?

    Insurance $170.

    Beginning cheaper ley. When she 6 months old I change to similac $78.50 now $81 for 2 weeks.
    1 month $160 on milk. 1 week fish $20. Vegetables all. Cereal. She tend to eat alot la. So cereal 2 types, 1 week 1 pkt each.

    Plus vacine $100 per jab? Aiyo I think grow older more expensive! Pampers lesser oso. Size m manny poko pants 34 pieces only! And cost $15.20! Lol
  19. simon73

    simon73 Member

    1) Wife not working so already minus income - 4k
    3) Cook food - 200
    4) Diaper - 50
    5) Infact care - 600

    Total cost 5k
  20. hira

    hira New Member

    1) Milk Powder -4 tins/month ($130)/mth
    2) Diapers - $20
    3) Wipes - $10
    4) Cereal - $10
    5) Education Fund - $100
    5) Misc Expense - $50(max)

    Total = $270/mth

    Injection just took the normal package lah. They always say take this package. Its recommended bla bla bla. Last time we also had normal jabs but we still alive and healthy mah so just decided to go with the normal package.

    I'm not working so taking care of my child full-time. For those who spend on maid its like waste of money leh. Rather give the child to mother-in-law to take care. I know some of us really hate the in-laws but what to money mah!

    As for insurance...dint take so hi-fi one. Only took the Medishield premium which is $33/year i think!

    Go shopping...sometimes can't resist nice clothes...bedding sets. So just buy them. And buy some washing powders every month which costs around $7 I think.
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