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    looking for a speech therapist (individual session)

    Hi mummies, I'm looking for a speech therapist (individual session) for my 3yr & 7mnths old who has speech delay & articulation problem. He can speak but sometimes not clear enough and he also have difficulty to relate day activity. Other than this 2 problem, his behavious all is normal. he do...
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    Worried about speech

    first of all i am sorry, as i am not quite familiar with school system here, i do know when going to school they will asking for immunisation record, but do you meant school also will check other records from hospital about the child history?
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    I Can Read

    hi mommy, may know in what age you send yr girl/boy to GUG on the early reading and writing class ? when i called the center said, requirement must at least for 3,5yrs kids. is there any worksheet after the class ? do we need to pay for material cost too ? thanks in advance for any reply.
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    pls advise full day CCC with a good kindergarten curriculum

    hi mommy, my son going to take class from N2., i am looking for a full day CCC with a good kindergarten curriculum that prepares my kid for P1. can someone advise which one better? learning vision or sparkletot or my first school?
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    Undescended testicles

    Dr. Yap Te-Lu from KK hospital children surgery, you can make appointment with her, she very friendly doctor. Home - KK Women's and Children's Hospital
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    Undescended testicles

    that time paediatric said, if really need then must go to operation, the soonest is the best, so he refer us to surgeon doctor, with the reason like i mentioned before, we delay to met her till last month. yr doctor that refer you to do operation, is it surgeon doctor or paediatric? better you...
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    Undescended testicles

    finally last month i decided to checked with surgeon doctor in kk hospital, and thanks god, doctor said everything is normal, the balls now is in place, doctor said its sometimes when he get excited, it will retract something (forgotton what exactly). When paediatric doctor bring up this...
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    Undescended testicles

    we went to paediatric on last year, he diagnose my DS (tat time still 18months) having the Undescended testicles(the balls not goes down to the sac) and referer us to KK hospital surgeon to check further more, and if needed must go for operation. tat time my DS still cannot talk and i feel sad...
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    Keep crying in the middle of the night

    it could be stomach discomfort, maybe you can rub his stomach with the ruyi oil.
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    Any mummy 1 2 giveaways newborn (boys) clothes and baby stuff???

    I also got some preloved clothes if you don't mind can PMS me.
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    Improving relationship with my teenage son?

    hahahaha this one also happened to me when i was teenage... that time i always angry and bad me talked back to my mum "you adopt her as yr child lah ".
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    TTC 12 months... should i see gynae / fertility doc?

    hi, i am sharing my story, I also want ttc for 2nd one, and don't want to waste my time to wait and wait every month, so i went to gyn to check, and she told me my egg not produce well, only 1 side got 1 egg !! :err: . so she gave me clomid, and a jab. she told me to come again after 4days...
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    how to have a boy/girl or twins

    Doctor is not "God", of course they cannot guarantee 100%, they just trying all the technologies method, but at the end who dare guarantee 100%. anyway, since this is yr 1st baby, why so fussy about the gender and somemore twins... just try to conceive and be happy lor ... cheers. :Dancing_wub:
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    Hydrosalpinx- anyone has it?

    if 1 tube has been blocked, so meaning you have to depend on the other side. Did the doctor give you some medication or method that can boast the chance of pregnancy? or you can seek for 2nd opinion doctor, is also good.
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    Which brand of diapers?

    ya true, petpet, huggies also can stand a long the night, but my boy develop a diaper rash eventhough we change once on midnight.