Any GOOD home tuition agency to recommend? or Tutors?

Teacher Sandra

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I am a patient and dedicated 34 year old female full time graduate tutor, with 15 years’ tutoring experience and specialize in Primary School Mathematics. I have been a full time tutor for 7 years and was also teaching part time for 3 years at a tuition centre in the Serangoon area.

Having been exposed to students with special needs and learning difficulties, I found myself passionately involved in learning how to teach and support them. Besides having a Specialist Diploma in Teaching and Supporting Children with Special Needs (Accredited by Academy of Certified Counsellors), I also have a Certificate in Dyscalculia and Numeracy Teaching (Accredited by Dyslexia Association of Singapore).

Over the years, I have helped many students weak in Mathematics achieve 20 marks improvement or more. I am no miracle worker, but passion and dedication helps. You may view some of my testimonials and track records here.

I do 1-to-1 tuition mostly at my home at Serangoon, 3 minutes walk from Serangoon MRT and NEX Shopping Centre.

Small group tuition of maximum 3 students can be arranged too.

All materials including worksheets and past year exam papers will be provided.

Pls email or SMS/Whatsapp 9183 1199 to enquire.

Please visit for more information.

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Hi Parents,

Please feel free to contact me if you're looking for a home tutor! I have over 11 years of experience as a teacher in both local and international schools, and am currently a tutor as well as a coordinator. I am able to provide free consultation and match you with a suitable tutor.

PM or call me at 82674859 :)


Learning Smart

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Dear Parents,

We are from Learning Smart, a tuition agency which provides 1 to 1 tuition service. Here are some of our key selling points

1. Smart Pedagogy
we personalized the teaching according to your child learning style and capability. We customized the teaching material to suit for slow learning, as well as a high achiever. We are training the teachers to adopt the right teaching techniques and gather feedback from parents so to make our lesson be more effective and enjoyable.

2. Smart Selection
We carefully screening and selecting the right candidates to come for a face to face interview. Each of them is given specially selected exam questions to test their knowledge on the subject, ensuring that only qualified ones make the cut.

3. Smart Matching
We match the right tutor to your child. We will spend the time to understand your child personality, needs and learning style so we could recommend the right tutor from the pool of good tutors we have to help your kids.

For more information, you can contact me at 91123794, alternatively, you can also visit our website at

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you


Learning Smart
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Learning Smart

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Hi, I am Hoe Ping from Learning Smart. I graduated from NTU with a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering. I love to teach Math and impart the right learning technique. I would plan my lessons based on your children’s learning style and capabilities. This would ensure that the child will not be flooded with information and it will make learning enjoyable for your children. I am a Part-Time Tutor and I mainly tutor Add Math and E Math at Secondary Level. My preferred times are weekdays at 7.30 or weekend at 1pm. For more information, please contact Mr Patrick at 91123794, alternatively, you can also visit our website at

Learning Smart

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Hi, I am Azreena from Learning Smart. I graduated from Ngee Ann poly with a GPA of 3.84. I have a diploma in Engineering Science and I am a Ngee Ann Poly Scholar. I have scored straight A1 for E Math, Add Math, Pure Physics and Chemistry in O Levels. I am confident that I will be able to pass my tips and tricks to further help your children in their studies. I am a Full-Time tutor and I mainly tutor Math and Science at Primary PSLE, Secondary O Levels, IGCSE Level. For more information, please contact Mr Patrick at 91123794, alternatively, you can also visit our website at
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Learning Smart

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Hi, I am Nuur Sufi Bin Mohamad. I am currently studying in Singapore University of Social Science formerly known as UniSIM. I have a Bachelor of Science in English Literature. I taught Individuals or in small groups at their homes or social places, I have been tutoring Mathematics and English at primary level for about 5 years. My teaching focuses on explaining to students the simplest way possible, and this mostly includes diagrams. I am currently a Part-Time tutor at Learning Smart and I mainly tutor Primary, Secondary English and Mathematics. My preferred time are weekdays 3pm-10pm or weekend. For more information, please contact Mr Patrick at 91123794, alternatively, you can also visit our website at
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Learning Smart

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Hi, I am Nurul Saion. I have a Master Degree in Education (Special Education) from NTU. I have been teaching in the Early Childhood for more than a decade. Having spent more than a decade in this field, I have learned to create my own teaching resources because I know each child is unique. Having a teaching resource which helps you meet the needs of the students, would hold their interest and this, my teaching would be an engaging experience for both the students and me. I am a full-time tutor at Learning Smart and I mainly tutor primary level English. My preferred time is weekday 6.30pm or the weekend. For more information, please contact Mr Patrick at 91123794, alternatively, you can also visit our website at

Learning Smart

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Hi, I am Ben from Learning Smart. I am passionate about teaching and more importantly, I want to help you improve and get the grade that you want. With the techniques, I have gathered throughout my years of studying I am sure to help you with your academic needs. I have a diploma in Biomedical Science and I am currently a full-time tutor who teaches primary level Math, Science and English. I hope to see you in my class soon. For more information, please contact Mr Patrick at 91123794, alternatively, you can also visit our website at
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I've used many tuition agency to help me hire tutors for my children and my niece and nephews. Some agents wouldn't be very responsive and took quite long to get back to me with a list of recommended tutors. I won't name them here. Those that were more responsive and dedicated are from elite tutors and excel tuition agency. I think their websites are and Excel Tuition Agency

They respond pretty fast and one of the agency even responded in the middle of the night. Very dedicated bunch.


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I am a full time tutor providing One to One and Group Tuition
Location :- West - Bukit Panjang,CCK

Subjects :- English, Math and Science ( Primary)
AEIS Preparation

No matter in which stages or categories of examination preparation the students are in or he/she is particularly weak in all subjects . I have something, which will benefit them.

Do contact me for discussions

If area coverage does not suit yours, I may be able to source a tutor for you.
With so many years experience as a tutor, i will be a better person in finding a suitable tutor to cater to your requirement.

Do contact me for discussions

Mrs Loh


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Try to visit the website of TUTOROO.

My friend has used their service as she was in search also for a tutor a few months ago. She really recommends this site to me and to our other friends. She has chosen her own tutor from their site and booked the classes at her preferred time and place.
Visit their site to know more about their platform. Hope this helps!


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Dear Parents, my name is Raymund and I am the mentor teacher in a premium English enrichment and tuition centre. Due to the suspension of centre-based lessons, I happen to be available for the month of April (or beyond) to conduct home-based tuition lessons. I am offering primary level tuition, teaching skills and strategies to deal with the various components your child faces in his/her examinations. If you are interested in acquiring my services, please contact me via phone or email (94748878 or


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Hi Parents,
I am a full time private art tutor who teaching children for years.

In our lessons, we customized the art programme based on the age group of the students. To develop and stimulate the interest and creativity towards art, also allow them to gain confidence.

Currently, I am conducting online art lessons only due to the circuit breaker which recently announced by government.

I am giving a free 1 to 1 trial class for limited slot to experience my online art class. PM me now for more details while slot is still available.

You may contact me via (WhatsApp : 93596503) or email to
if you are interested (Prefer contact through whatsapp)

You can surf my Facebook page and Instagram for more information and details .

Facebook>>>Mini Art Corner


Instagram >>> cornerminiart

Mindworks Tuition

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Good afternoon parents, Tutor Young from Mindworks will be providing free online lessons for J1 & J2 H2 physics. The lessons will be completely free of charge during C19 period. He will be going through the basics of the concepts and focus mostly in the “A” questions. He will be sharing exam techniques, mastery question tackling techniques and how to understand the concepts instead of having to remember the concepts by hard.

J1 Tuesday 530-7pm,
J2 Tuesday 730-9pm.

Everyone is welcome to join. Just share your WhatsApp number so that he can share with you the worksheets in advance. And invite you into the online meeting room.

21 April,
J1 Kinematics
J2 Thermal Physics

28 April
J1 Forces
J2 Superpositions

05 May
J1 Dynamics
J2 E-field

12 May
J2 Oscillations & Waves

19 May
J1 Measurement
J2 DC circuits

26 May
J1 G-field

02 June
J1 cross topics mastery revisions

(Topics are subject to change and more details will be shared nearer to the days)

If you are in J2 and would like to join J1 lessons, you are welcome to do so.

If you have any questions on any concepts feel free to send in questions.

If you have any friends who may benefit from this complete revision and mastery lessons, please feel free to forward this message with them.

To sign up, simply reply this message or text 90461609.

About Tutor Young.

Specializing in Physics, for upper secondary and JC levels including IP, Young has helped many students. His students are from AJC, TJC, HCI, NYJC, YJC, SRJC, RJC, MJC, TPJC, SAJC, TPMJC, ACJC, RVHS. He is also providing tuition in a tuition centre at Orchard, and working as a current H2 Physics teacher at a renowned Physics Tuition Centre in Singapore. For his J1 students in tuition centre, 100% got promoted to J2. 70% increased by at least a grade in promo comparing from Mid-year. For his J2 students, 80% got A & B.
One of the testimonials from a RVHS student, JC2 in 2019:

Tutor Young has been teaching me since the June holidays right after my Mid-Year Examinations in 2018. Under his guidance, with clear and concise explanations as well as carefully curated worksheets, I was able to understand the topics better. My grades improved from a U in MYEs, to a D in promos being which I became one of the top students in my class.

He has achieved A in 2019 A level.

Another testimonial from an EJC student:

I am Jden from Eunoia Junior College(J2 in 2019). Mr Young is a patient and detailed teacher who takes prides in his teaching. Under his guidance, my grades have drastically improved from U in my midyear exams to B in my promotional exams. During lessons, Mr Young not only goes through the basic formulas and concepts, he breaks it down for us so that we understand how we can derive the formula easily rather than memorising each of these formulas. He also goes through more in-depth concepts which are usually not covered in school notes and techniques that can help tackle harder questions that appears in exams. He makes sure that we understand the underlying concepts of each questions so that we can apply the same concepts on similar questions in the future.

Jden has improved to a B in 2019 A Level

A testimonial from RJC student:

I'm Aryan from Raffles Institution, batch of 2019, and what I liked about Mr Young's teaching is that he's passionate about physics, ever willing to go the extra mile to explain a concept or solve a problem in class. He doesn't just tell you the answer, rather he explains the concepts behind the formula and tries to let you work it out by yourself before stepping in to give more advice if needed. Being tutored by him, my grade in physics saw a dramatic leap from a C in prelims to an A in A levels.


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Hi parents, just helping to spread the word of this Primary sch (EMS) tutor. Her normal rate is $70/h but due to the covid-19 situation it is currently at $50/h. She’s really good at what she does. So if you’re willing to invest in tuition, do check her out. She’s also relatively new on social media, so I’m just helping her out. Her Instagram handle is @teacher_trelyn, she has a lesson preview already on it due to many new parents’ requests. Cheers and stay safe!

Ps. Parents’ feedback, recommendation by word of mouth, students’ achievements are on her Instagram also, if you’d like to check out whether she is legit or not