weight loss after giving birth


Hi, I am an experienced masseur specialized in slimming before and after pregnancy.
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those looking for pre/post natal (also does slimming i think?) can try my previous therapist @ j_j1258@hotmail.com but take note he's a guy. initially i felt uncomfortable too, but he charges very very low for 1st time, and his strokes are really accurate and precise, just 10 mins into the session and you will instantly forget about all uncomfortableness. he is very professional with towels and covering too. 1st session he would not do it for a low price if noone suggested anything so be sure to ''bargain''! *am reposting this for easy reference


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Workouts in the office that's effective and distracting, I recommend to all momies :Dancing_wub:
This helps me maintain my normal weight after losing it with reductil diet pills


I lost my post-pregnancy weight with Megahoodia herbal slimming pills (I lost about 10kg). But over a year I gained back about 15kg and I'm desperate... I know it's fully my fault as I didn't exercises at all and didn't keep an eye on what I ate. Now I really need some extra help.
I've read some positive reviews about Phen375 over the net and it seems to be very effective, though Reductil is mostly used. Now I have to decide what to choose- Reductil or Phen375 What do you think mummies?


i've heard both diet pills are fine but i tried only phen. i am on phen for 2 month and i'am down 11kg. it gives me lots of energy and i am able to exercise about 1 hour a day. this helps me a lot. so my recommendation is - phen!


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I took phentermine hydrochloride 37.5 mg too and I've lost lots of weight with it after baby. but if you dont't work out and eat right afterwards you will gain it ALL back (the yo-yo effect). phentermine releases a chemical in your brain after you get off of it that tells you to eat- eat -eat...

so, we must learn controlling our cravings and desire to eat big portions. especially when we want to lose post-pregnancy weight we should take care what we eat. We need vitamins and special nutrients to breastfeed, that's why it's complicated to combine weight loss and rich in vitamins food.
I started using phentermine when I did not nursed my baby-boy.
I got good results- lost 11 kg in 2 months. I did exercises and eat correctly while i was on the pill. that's why my weight did not not come back.
Good luck to everybody who need to lose weight!!!
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I have 2 kids and lost weight with Reductil after both pregnancies. I always bought it on CHEAPMEDS4U.COM and still happy with the results. My lost weight never came back!


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I usually do not believe in the efficacity of all these pills sold on the Internet.

But I've decided to try Sibutramine .. I began with those of 10mg !

And I was surprised to see the good result just at the beginning.. !

I feel really good! My body is back to normal and I feel so full of energy that I could run a marathon! My husband and my children are also impressed about my new look! Thank you!I just ordered the redutil 15mg on weightlossmeds.biz - a good point is the fact that reductil must be taken as a contraceptive pill (same time) so I like ..

I will contact you for more details of this treatment ;)


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Reductil is a great solution to lose extra kgs after giving birth! just make sure you're not breastfeeding anymore. and do combine it with some exercises to tone up the whole body.
Genuine reductil pills can be bought online on
http://cheapmeds4u.com I recommend this site as being safe and reliable.
Hi! I ordered 2 month supply of reductil on this site. What kind of exercises are recommended while on reductil? I have to lose a lot of weight ... ufff :we2unsure:


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Hi everyone!
I'm a young mom, I have 2 kids (2 and 4 years old) and still feel young in my 30s :) and still want to look sexy which is impossible with my extra 20kg :(
I've tried dieting and doing some exercises but I can hardly lose a kg. It's very frustrating for me now that summer comes...

Recently I've made up my mind to try Sibutramine slimming pills that so many of you mummies are buying online. I just dont't know which dose to start with as I never took diet pills before. Can anyone advise?

And what do you think of www.cheapmeds4u.com is it the real stuff they offer? I'd like to order my sibutramine from them as they look serious.

Thanks for any advice mummies!


HI michellejoy2,

sibutramine is just helpful. I used it after my both pregnancies and was amazed by the result, no hunger and no cravings!
Concerning the dosage I do think sibutramine 15 mg is much effective so you can start with it.
As to the pharmacy I highly recommend too, I never had any problems when buying my pills online. They sell safe and cheap reductil online and ship it to Singapore with no problems.

I wish you luck and courage! keep us updated ;)


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I also used reductil bought from this company and lost my extra weight easily and fast without any diets or exercises:) It's awesome!!!


Hey evelyn, it's great you could lose weight by simply taking reductil. It's usually recommended with exercises.
I did zumba while on reductil :) and got a very quick and good result.


Reductil...love it....been on Reductil for exactly one month...got weighed yesterday...lost 6 kg in 4 weeks. I have gone from eating everything in sight to having to actually remind myself to eat...Cravings for fatty foods gone...found Reductil worked in first day...now eating healthy and walking every night...
I'm down one size and this is just in one month...
After years of constant weight gain due to constant food cravings I'm ABSOLUTELY THRILLED as reductil has made it so easy to lose the weight without the daily battle.
and yes, I also buy reductil online on http://cheapmeds4u.com ... it's safe and quick.


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I've been on phentermine 3 months and I've lost 14kgs. I enjoyed that time :).
The only side effect I had was dry mouth. I sometimes went through not eating at all because phentermine cuts your appetite so much.