When do you stop baby-talk to your child

Discussion in 'General Parenting Discussion' started by elmo493, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. elmo493

    elmo493 Member


    This question suddenly occur to me when I heard my niece who is 5 year old still say "I want to go to yao yao". At this age, they should be saying playground. Isn't it so.

    It will be difficult for them to change the habit once they grow up. so when should we stop baby-talk to him.
  2. Babylandshop

    Babylandshop Member

    A very good question :)

    I also want to know !!
  3. CanCanMum

    CanCanMum Moderator

    no specific age...coz my boy can baby talk or adult talk at the same time....he can relate which baby talk = adult talk.

    eg : pom-pom time! = "mummy wo yao chong liang liao" (Mummy i wan to bathe already)

    gai gai = "mummy wo men yao qu shopping shi ma" (mummy are we going shopping?)

    sometimes i babytalk to him and he will correct me somemore!!

    think they learn in school...
  4. SH74

    SH74 Member

    i dun use much baby talk to my boy. only ones i say r, gai gai, pom pom, ng ng and shi shi. 'cause ppl say it's not good to baby talk. better to talk to them in adult language. they'll learn faster when they r older.
  5. ilovekek

    ilovekek Member

    I agree...I also talk using normal language.They eventually will follow our sentence. :001_302:
  6. elmo493

    elmo493 Member

    Agreed, I noticed that my boy would look at my lip or stare at me when I repeated the word slowly to him. I believe he is trying to learn what I am saying and try to repeat what I just say. so better stop all the baby talk
  7. SH74

    SH74 Member

    ya lor. will stare, like trying to learn. i tried saying to him sounds like, ba, ca, ta, da, za, sa,... he'll try to imitate. aft some time, he say it himself.
  8. ilovekek

    ilovekek Member

    children like to imitate....Everything i do,like sweeping,mope, my son will try to imitate.
  9. jazz_sofia

    jazz_sofia Member

    i never baby talk to my daughter...i use the normal talk...well, i do use the "goochi goochi goo, ur so cute baby, yes u are!"...but other than that, i dont...so my daughter speak straight from the beginning...she says 'i like milk pls" not "meh meh...or deh deh...or mih mih' like my friends children.
  10. snowbear

    snowbear Well-Known Member

    I also dun like to use baby talk with my dd coz i think i will have to correct her when she grows older.. so what's the pt? It's really irritating when my family members insist on speaking baby lang to my dd though even tho they can see the prob of correcting my niece (who's 2 years old) now...
  11. stonston

    stonston Well-Known Member

    I've nvr used 'baby talk' with my son. Only sometimes we mix our sentences with some malay bcos of my maid, but my maid will try her best to use proper english with my son.

  12. Fully agree that we should not 'baby-talk' to the little ones.

    Just imagine...for example, instead of telling them that is food, we say 'mum..mum'. Instead of water, we say ' shui-shui'. Instead of dog, we say ' wo-wo'.

    When the little one grows up a little, and when you try to correct them, they have to 're-learn'. Why dont't we do it right at the first time. Hence less confusing for them, isn't not?

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