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    how much does your baby weight and how tall? please share!

    my bb boy @ 7mth, 10kg, 76cm in height.
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    5 months old baby cough, wheeze on and off for almost 2 months aldy!!

    sighed my 7mth bb has been coughing with phelgm for almost 2mths, regardless of how many medication he's been on & how many pd he's seen which include chinese doctors, the phelgm has never went away! ithink im gg to bring him to another chinese doc located near kembangan mrt 2moro.
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    How to cough out phelgm

    hi apollo can u email me the video too? my 7mth bb has been coughing & it's phelgmy. he's been down with phelgm for almost 2mths!!!!
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    Any upcoming baby sale or baby exhibition

    hi the next baby expo sale i know of is at 17 Feb 2012 - 19 Feb 2012 Expo MRT Admission:Public - Free AdmissionVenue:Hall 4A Time: 11am to 9pm (Fri & Sat), 11am to 8pm (Sun) Organiser: Vivacious Media Pte Ltd Contact Details: Telephone: +65 6404 3676 Fax: +65 6343 9600 Email...
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    Avent Blender/steamer

    Then again, after that, when my daughter is introduced to porridge, then this equipment is left there to collect dust. :) Hi, just to let u know, my mum uses the blender for porridge too. not blending the porridge but blended meat, pumkins & any other ingredient u can think of. that's y i...
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    Avent Blender/steamer

    hi, i have not gotten a blender yet but planning to, cos it's time saving more than anything else.
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    GG 3yo, N1 kids

    no it's not too early. some started at an even younger age! my boy started Growing Up Gifted @ 18mth. when he's n1, he has Little Einstein class (science). he's n2 this yr & he's starting piano lesson (keyboard only cos he's still very young to play actual piano) with drama & speech classes...
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    Dr Han How Chuan from KKh

    my bb was delivered by John Tee from KKH. He's good. hope the finding of your dr went well.
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    Pls advise! 6 weeks old baby down with cough with phlegm and flu

    hi niko baby i will try to breast feed my babies but i can't produce as much as i wanted. i normally stop in a mth, my babies been on formula milk ever since. first 2 boys r ok. my 3rd child constantly coughing & it's obvious he has phelgm too. been over a mth, in & out of hospital, never...
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    bedding for new born

    Dear all just to say i bought my baby's beddings from kiddy palace & they do sell complete set or individual & carry lots of affordable brands, can't locate it, ask the staff. i use full bumper, find it ok. the bumper have strings along the side to be tied & wouldn't fall or come apart, full...
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    Piano Teacher Wanted - Grade 3

    Hi sorry just found a teacher but still trying her out. i will keep your contact. thank you
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    Poi Ching or St Hildas?

    i understand poi ching is well known to excel in chinese. my eldest son is in st hildas & i luv the sch. they have sap classes for the gifted too. good culture! he went to st hildas pri then to st hildas sec. he's an average student but i believe due to st hildas 'drilling', he scored better...
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    any of ur children experience behaviour change after CC?

    I guess all kids have their passing phase for this! My started after a yr being in ccc. Iwhat id id was to talk to his teacher & discuss hot to solve it. the teacher help me understand a lot so we can pin point why he's behaving like that. after 2mths? he was ok again.
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    Eczema problem of my girl age 3

    hi murphyong usually his rashes appeared after his nap at childcare ctr, not a lot i can change but the sch is helping to keep a photo journal so i can pinpoint what's he's allergic to. then i can feedback to the sch again.
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    Eczema problem of my girl age 3

    well, my son has skin problem. always itchy but not a everyday thing. when it acts up, it gets really bad. he's now on kkh specialist appt for allergy. i use cetaphil shower cream. QV moisturizer 2x daily. really got to apply a lot on his skin. if u look at him, he does not come across as a...