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    Sharing my experience : Reading long Chinese novels at 7 years old

    We are an English speaking family, but both my kids are able to read long Chinese novels by 7 years old. Check out my blog : Tamarind Village: Reading long Chinese novels by 7 years old Most parents do not realize the importance of Chinese until it is too late. They panic when kids do not do...
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    How to encourage a child to write

    This thread is meant for kids before 6 years old, who are learning to write. Many parents send their kids to creative writing class, however if the child cannot even write in sentences, then the class will be useless. I would like to share my experience about how to encourage kids to write...
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    Unimpressed with Dr Terence Tan

    I asked for Dr Terence Tan twice when my boy was hospitalized for HFMD. Yes my boy had HFMD twice, once at 4 years old, once at 6 years old this year. He is always very busy, but I was happy with him. He was the only one who correctly diagnosed my boy's illness, other doctors did have have a...
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    Blacklisting Maid

    Beware of this phsychotic maid ! Comments about maids by employers in Singapore: Evangeline Reubal Dillo (Filipino)
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    Creative Art centre

    Most important to me is the location. Hopefully you can setup the centre in Jurong West :)
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    Maid hitting baby

    I have included a video showing a maid hitting a baby in my blog. Please check it out. Comments about maids by employers in Singapore The maid has not been blacklisted. So she may be employed to work again in Singapore, and another baby may suffer ! Please take note of her name and particulars...
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    Will your kid so?

    Kids are sick simply because they are infected by other kids in schools, CC, etc. Try giving the child sambucol, DHA, etc to build up their immunity.
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    Teaching your child to read

    Hi mommies who want to teach their kids phonics at home, Please refer to my blog. I have just updated it, scroll down to the portion updated 8 May 2008. I would like to share a method which is very effective on my boy. He is the...
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    Teaching your child to read

    IJmum, I bought from the books warehouse sale, but I don't think you can find it there now. It is available at Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more. Wanda's Washing Machine: Anna Mcquinn,Jan McCafferty: Books You can also check at...
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    Teaching your child to read

    Yes I read to my babies when they were 3 years old. They did not understand at that age, but I want to let them cultivate a love of books. The first book in my blog, "Thunder in the Jungle", was bought when my baby was 3 months old. You need books like these, big and colourful pictures, best...
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    Teaching your child to read

    I have just added a list of books which my kids love when they were babies/toddlers. Tamarind Village: Books they love
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    Supergirl, Last year I wanted to enrol my girl, who was 4 years old, in a maths enrichment class. I told the teacher in charge, that my girl can already count to 100 and do additions and subtractions. The teacher actually told me not to teach too much at such a young age. She said her daughter...
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    My girl is only 5 years old this year, my boy will be 4. I don't want to pressurize them too much. I don't believe that doing work sheet is that important at this age. I want to develop their creativity and interpersonal skills, which I think are much are important. They will have enough...
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    My girl used to like to do those Kumon worksheets, but after a while lost interest. Now both my kids go to PCF nursery/kindergarten, my girl only attending Berries Chinese class now. Last year she attended Montessori phonics class, completed the course. My younger boy still no enrichment class...
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    I think it is great that you found a method that brings out the best in your boy, and your boy likes it. :001_302: In my case, not possible to make my boy and girl do so many work sheets. That's why need to crack my brain to think of interesting method to teach them.